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About Us

NTA Graphics, Inc. was established in 1948 as a composition house in Southfield, Michigan. The family business grew quickly in the composition field and was recognized throughout the industry for their state of the art equipment and skilled technicians. As a value added service to the composition function, NTA Graphics, Inc. began printing many of the jobs it produced. As volume grew, the company made the natural transition into the printing industry.

A Toledo, Ohio plant was purchased as a freestanding building and printing equipment was installed. This ground up installation was undertaken in 1984 and business rapidly grew. In two short years we had out grown the Toledo facility and began the search for a new location. In 1986 a southern location in Birmingham, Alabama was purchased as an operating facility to address the growing business. This facility was upgraded to the standards maintained by NTA Graphics, Inc. and opened as NTA Graphics South, Inc.

Our extensive experience and unique understanding of the circular preprint business with its short lead times, multiple versions, last minute changes and time-dated deliveries has been the driving force behind the design and workflows established in our printing facilities. We have formed many strong partnerships and have proudly printed for numerous Fortune 500 companies. NTA Graphics South, Inc. has been an integral part of the printing industry throughout our 58 year history. As the industry has gone through dramatic changes so has NTA Graphics and we are proud to boast that our workflows and equipment are poised to meet the demands of today’s discerning customer.